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Buying a new furnace is not the best solution all the time. But, for those who have the money it is as simple as that. For homemakers with tight budget, the old one should work well to save money. Good thing there is a company that is good in furnace filter cleaning. They did their best to make our furnace function well again. Thanks guys!


There are multitudes of options when one tries to buy a furnace for their home. This will make it very hard for you to choose which one is just right for you. One of the largest expenses at home is your furnace. so, you need to be sure that it is working properly. But, what if it does not work the way we wanted it? Thanks to the company that opened my mind and made me realize that I should take care of this investment I have.


Once you shop for new furnace, you may want to take a look at AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of the particular furnace that you are buying. Of all the types of furnace available, the one with high efficiency has high AFUE ratings of at least 94%. When it comes to traditional furnace, it only has 60 to 65%. But, no matter what the AFUE is if the furnace filter is dirty and clogged, the utility bill will not go down. Good thing there is a company that can help us do the cleaning, which is somehow complicated.


If you will take a look at the performance of each furnace you can say that the poorest performance comes from the conventional furnace, then followed by the mid-efficiency furnace and the best high performing furnace is high efficiency furnace. That is a mere observation. But, if we will subject the old one in cleaning, it may work just like the new models of furnace in the market or even go beyond their capacity. Thanks to this company for cleaning mine.

Mike Jones

If you are going to by the mid efficiency furnace, it has a high AFUE rating up to 80% so you can save almost 20 to 23% in your heating costs. If you are like me computing about the energy savings. We are all mistaken. We need to have the furnace filter cleaned regularly to make sure that the energy bill will go down too. If it is working so hard, then there is really a tendency for the bill to rise up.


If you want to save in heating cost and if you want to make sure that your furnace is running smoothly, then you need to maintain it regularly. This company is good at that.


We are very much satisfied with the cost of the cleaning job and how they did it. It went well. Thanks guys. I will hire you again soon.


Thank you for taking care of our HVAC system. The cleaning is very good and comes with a quality.


Thank you for doing a good job. It was worth every penny.


You did great with my air duct. Thanks!